Camshaft Welding

This process is done when the camshaft is damaged too extensively to remanufacture. When welding cast iron camshafts we use a state-of-the-art induction hardener. The purpose of this technology is to heat the “base material” to a high temperature. This creates the ideal conditions for perfect material bonding when adding material to the camshaft lobe or area in need of repair. Once the welding is done it’s quenched in a glycol-based coolant that brings the surface hardness back to or sometimes a few points above factory hardness.

We use a Cobalt-based hard face rod to weld all of the steel cams that require weld repairs, this is a very durable rod that offers great performance under extreme conditions, some of the MGB race engine builders request that all lobes are welded with this rod because of the strength, lasting longer than the factor material in most cases. This welding process requires no preheating of the cam lobe or any post-weld quench.

Before – After

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