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  Pre grinding process

 Camshaft Grinding Process

The first step is to inspect the camshaft to see if it needs any welding or other repairs. After the repairs are made, it is cleaned in a ceramic media solvent bath. This gentle scrubbing action removes rust, grease, and baked on oil. The next step in the camshaft grinding process is where the camshaft is verified for straightness and the centers are verified for true. The centers are used to drive the camshaft, along with the dowel pin or keyway. The main bearing area is straightened within one thousandths of an inch. This verifies that the profile will be in exactly the same location as when in the head or in the block.

1. Placing an order
2. Product Cleaning
3. Grinding your custom camshaft?
4. Pre grinding process
5. Post grinding quality control
6. Surface treatment process
7. Micro polishing main bearing areas
8. Protective lubrication and packaging