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  Grinding your custom Camshaft

 Camshaft Grinding Process

The first step is to set up the cam grinding machine for the application that will be performed. This is accomplished by loading the desired profile onto the tracking headstock. Different camshafts have different firing orders. The firing order is set by the "index" plate. Placed on next is the actual grind profile that will be used during regrinding. These "masters" are exact replications of camshafts that we've ground previously. This allows us to duplicate the exact profile on the core that has been selected. The profiles are tracked onto the cams, and any custom lobe separations can now be made manually using the headstock. When we bring a lobe center "in" or "tighter," the "power band" is shortened. Racers use this method to keep their race cars "in the power". Most of the computer controlled cars require the wider lobe separation.

1. Placing an order
2. Product Cleaning
3. Grinding your custom camshaft?
4. Pre grinding process
5. Post grinding quality control
6. Surface treatment process
7. Micro polishing main bearing areas
8. Protective lubrication and packaging